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Get your payout within 24 hours when requested. Every trader is eligible to request a payout every 14 days after the first trade executed on their funded account

Rapid Withdrawals

Get your payout within 24 hours when requested. Every trader is eligible to request a payout every 14 days after the first trade executed on their funded account

360° analytics at your disposal

Built on the latest technology, our Dashboard showcases a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless account management for traders. We deliver real-time insights into trading performance, empowering traders to indentify and enhance areas of improvement.

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We provide evaluations that are affordable for every type of trader! From $25k up to $200k. Get started now with our 1-phase or 2-phase evaluations

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We offer 10% max drawdown with a 5% daily drawdown giving our traders movement within their trades

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About Ace Funded Trader

Start your trading journey by scrolling to the “Funding Evaluations” section of the website. Select the challenge under the account size you’d like to participate in. You will then be able to purchase the challenge you want to take part in. After your evaluation is purchased, our system will send your account credentials to your email address instantly. Remember to read through our FAQ for the specific trading objectives and rules before beginning.

We are unable to accept traders from the following countries:

Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea, Libya, Russia, Sudan, Somalia

Traders must be at least 18 years of age and able to complete a KYC identity verification one they pass the evaluation stages. These documents can include drivers license, passport, ID’s, Proof of address documents bank statements, utility bills and more.

Base leverage on all simulated accounts are set at 1:100 with FXCH, during the evaluation as well as the funded trader stage.

 Please have a close look at the contract sizing provided by the price provider before beginning the program, as different instruments will carry different levels of margin on all paper trading accounts.

If the challenge stage is passed without the use of HFT/Latency arbitrage bots, there will be absolutely no-limit on the amount of virtual profit you can earn. 

Maximum payout (HFT pass)

If a trader utilizes HFT during the evaluation stage at any point in order to assist with passing, the funded account profit split will reach its limit once a trader has gained 8% from the starting balance of the account. Any positive trading after the 8% gain from the initial balance will not be eligible towards your profit split. Gaining beyond 8% will not break any rules, however these virtual profits would not be included if you have passed with HFT.

For example, if you trade continuously for up to $16,000 profit on a 200k account. The profit split will be based on any virtual profits generated up to this point. You would receive 50%, 80%, or 90% of the numeric value ($16,000 in this case) of the 8% profit on your funded account starting balance.

The 8% maximum gain per payout applies based on the starting balance of the account, and resets after each payout.

This has been introduced to maintain longevity while accessing the community feedback of keeping HFT around for the long term. This allows HFT passers to regularly receive payouts without issues and prevents traders from being prone to attempting high risk activities such as full margining before news or shooting for the moon with gambling-like approaches. Giving traders the sole focus of consistent payouts leads to higher quality trade data for us to access. 

Maximum allocation of virtual funding is $2,000,000 , allowing large payouts to remain a consistent opportunity for the trader. As maximum allocation of virtual funding is $2,000,000 , the maximum gains able to be formed into a profit split at one time would be $160,000, which is still rather favorable. This would be done through a simultaneous gain of 8% on 10 separate 200k accounts.